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EcoScientific Labs is much more than a company delivering high quality retail consumer products and services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in.

EcoScientific Labs is committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its products and services, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial success.

I like the way it totally covers and it matches your skin perfectly, because I have alot of blemishes... it just totally covers up everything and makes everything flawless.

          - Danielle S.

REAL People Tell Us About Dermacia!

"My main thing is coverage, coverage, coverage…and all the makeups I’ve used in the past were heavy, they felt like I wanted to take it off right away, but with Dermacia… I can hardly feel that it’s there…and I love it and the coverage is fabulous." - DEBORAH K.

"What I enjoy about Dermacia, is that even though I have that flawless finish, I don’t have that overly caked on feel…it just goes on like a second skin." - LAURA P.

"I like the way it totally covers and it matches your skin perfectly, because I have alot of blemishes…it just totally covers up everything and makes everything flawless." - DANIELLE S.

"It doesn’t sink into the wrinkles, like everything else I’ve ever used.   I notice my skin has a more even tone…and I’ve never used a makeup that improved my skin." - DIANNE T.

"I’ve worn it well over 12 hours…I’ve had a long, long day, and I think I’ll look bad, and I look in the mirror and it looks even better.  It doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup…it just looks like I have great skin." - LUPE G.

"Well, as we fight the age effects, we have the spotting, we have wrinkles, with Dermacia I’ve noticed that I can put it on, my wrinkles fade away, I’ve got a smooth, more youthful look." - JANNA M.

"Using the Dermacia, I feel, has really helped my pores to shrink." - DESERIE R.

"I get protection from sun, I get coverage…it evens the skin tone…one of the best things about it is that my other makeup does not migrate into it.  I’ll never use anything else unless they happen to somehow miraculously improve on this product!" - SUZANNE A.

"With Dermacia I actually feel like I’m getting younger…as my daughter is getting older, so I feel a lot better." - ERIN S.

"I get a lot of compliments…they ask me, how do you do it?  Having 5 children, working all day…and it’s Dermacia, but it’s my secret." - JENNIFER C.

"Any type of skin can take this makeup.  It will not cause a breakout…it gives an amazing full coverage…or a light coverage if you want."- KATHY B.

"I absolutely love the product…I use it every single day….my skin has gotten tremendously better. My skin could breathe…my skin felt great…my skin started to soften up…and I don’t experience those breakouts anymore." - LAUREN B.

"My skin tone is very, very uneven…I put Dermacia on, it completely just blends into my skin, evens out my skin tone, looks completely natural, looks like I don’t have anything on." - TAMARA R.

"The ivory color of Dermacia matches my skin beautifully, it’s not too white, it’s not too yellow; it looks like I’m not even wearing makeup." - KATIE C.

"I’m a jogger and I hate it when makeup runs.  So what I like about Dermacia is that it’s water-resistant and so when I’m running down to the coffee shop in the morning I know that I can just blot my face and I’ll look just as good as when I left my house." - AVERI F.

"It helped clear up my skin and it helped cover, at the same time…all my acne scars…and I haven’t been breaking out as much since I started using it.  It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup when I have it on…it’s very light…and let’s my skin breathe." - LAURIE S.

The genius of the product lies not only in the healthy aspect of the product, but in the subtle, fresh cover it provides.

          - Gary M. Tearston, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Doctor Testimonials:

"I do a number of skin rejuvenation procedures, including laser, dermabrasion, and acid peels…and the thing that’s nice about the Dermacia is that I can apply it immediately after my procedure …it calms the patient’s skin, it’s more soothing…it makes them feel better.  Dermacia has all the benefits of a second skin effect, which helps reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.  The thing that’s really nice about this product is that women look beautiful after they put it on. " - DR. JON GRAZER

"It’s an active makeup…it’s tightening, it has A, C and E, so it’s an anti-aging product.  It’s increasing the oxygen available to the skin, which is also anti-aging…women are just loving this product, and I have a few clients who say that can’t live without it.  And they’ve worn all kinds of makeup before that they weren’t happy with…and the Dermacia with is really, really helping their skin." - DR. DENISE STANEK

"The uniqueness of Dermacia, aside from easy and versatile application, is its ability to oxygenate and heal while providing an excellent cover. These properties allow this to be an excellent product for daily use, trauma to the skin and/or post cosmetic surgery." - BARRY M. WEINTRAUB, M.D., F.A.C.S., National Spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

"The genius of the product lies not only in the healthy aspect of the product, but in the subtle, fresh cover it provides." - GARY M. TEARSTON, M.D., F.A.C.S., Attending and Former Chief of Plastic Surgery, Cedars- Sinai, Beverly Hills

You can use it just as a highlighter, concealer, shadow, base for a lipstick... it really IS fantastic!

          - Cynthia Roman

Makeup Artist Testimonials:

"You can use it just as a highlighter, concealer, shadow, base for a lipstick…it really IS fantastic." - CYNTHIA ROMAN

"What I really appreciated is that it created a second skin…improving the tone and texture…that made a big difference for me…whenever I work on the set, it’s the only thing I can use." - MICHAEL DAVID GALLEGO

"The product covers really well, if that’s what you need…but this woman’s flawless, so here you go!" - MERCEDES ARCENEAUX

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